Friday, June 27, 2014

Create Something Today - Old Produce Hanger Becomes Stamp Storage

 A quick and easy "repurposing"

I've had this hanging basket since who knows when - probably the 80s! I spray painted it orange to match other orange touches in the room; it took two coats. I hung it right over my craft table and put rubber stamps in it. The top basket holds the Christmas ones, since it's hard to reach and I only need them once a year. Some generic designs are in the middle basket, and the bottom one hold sentiments - birthday, thank you, congrats, and so on - as I use those all the time on cards. So happy I rescued it from the Donations box! And yes, you're right - I didn't use paper on this one.

*** Update***

I've since discovered that keeping my stamps in these baskets is a mistake - exposure to that much light and air can cause them to become dry and brittle over time. Fortunately, I found this out early on. Now my stamps are stored in Totally Tiffany Stamp and Supply Suitcases, and the baskets have been repurposed once again. Sea shells in the top, large ribbon remnants in the middle, and small albums in the bottom. (When the albums were in a drawer, I forgot I had them.) Win-win all the way around!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Create Something Today - Ugly Cardboard Becomes Beautiful

The Magic of Paper

This was an ugly yellow cardboard book shelf left over from my classroom days and ready to go to Recycle. I needed a place to put my "binder of goodies" (more on that another time) and this turned out to be absolutely perfect! I ModPodged card stock and patterned paper on it, then decorated it with washi tape, and sealed it with two coats of Matte ModPodge and two coats of Glossy. 

Then I decorated it with embellishments and words. 

And here it is with the binder in it - as you can see, a perfect fit!